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By: Terry Brown
Automobiles are highly responsible for the alarming rate of air pollution affecting the global environmental condition today. Everyday millions of cars, trucks, and other vehicles around the world belch out fumes and gases that are harmful to the environment. When an engine burns fuel, it produces hazardous gases namely carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide molecules. These gases are very dangerous to any living organism and has been steadily degenerating the earth's protective ozone layer for years now. Thus, to counter this, carmakers have sought ways to minimize the damaging effects of car exhaust fumes by installing catalytic converters.

Catalytic Converters are usually stainless steel containers and tubing which provide an environment for chemical reactions where unburned hydrocarbons combust, using platinum and rhodium as catalysts. Catalytic Converters are designed to stop hazardous gases from being released by transforming them into harmless gases. For instance, Ford catalytic converters have reduction catalysts that divide nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and oxygen, its main components. Similarly, oxidation catalysts convert the highly lethal carbon monoxide gas into carbon dioxide, which is less harmful to the environment. Catalytic converters are auto parts that are an ethical and legal necessity. In fact, it is required in most states that your car has a working catalytic converter. Your car will not pass an emission inspection if your catalytic converter is defective or damaged.

Corrosion, regular wear and tear, and internal clogging are just some of the many causes of a damaged or defective Ford catalytic converter. Once your car's catalytic converter is damaged, it is wise that you replace it immediately with a new one. When picking out a new Ford catalytic converter, you have a choice of either aftermarket Ford catalytic converters or OEM. If you are planning to purchase a catalytic converter, it is important to consider the type of road and weather conditions you will be driving in. Thus, you should look for a tough, durable and resilient catalytic converter. One made of stainless steel will help you avoid damages to your converter. Price is another consideration. Usually aftermarket Ford catalytic converters are cheaper compared to OEM.

Fortunately, there are numerous auto parts dealers that offer high quality catalytic converters. If you are in the market for catalytic converters, you will find that there are many options. However, one of the easiest ways to shop for a top-quality Ford catalytic converter is by visiting some of the most trusted online auto parts wholesalers. Inner Auto Parts is one of the top ranked auto parts suppliers today. They have an extensive inventory of Ford catalytic converters as well as other essential Ford auto parts such as Ford headlights, Ford fuel tanks, Ford radiators, and Ford exhausts. External parts such as Ford bumpers, Ford fenders, Ford spoilers, Ford wheels and others are also available at Inner Auto Parts. Their Ford catalytic converters are guaranteed high quality, giving your car years of excellent service. All the good qualities you should look for in a catalytic converter, you will find in the Ford catalytic converters from Inner Auto Parts.

About the author:
Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto related. He is currently employed as a market analyst by one of the top car parts company in the area. His automotive articles provide valuable source of information for auto enthusiasts like him as well as to those in need of automotive research.

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