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By: Charlie Cory
What is at the heart of cool cars everywhere? Is it the speed they can travel at? Is it the thought of the wind brushing your hair? If it's the latter, then you have a soft top (convertible), or someone's pinched your roof!

Well, it could be either of these things. Or perhaps cool cars mean something else to you entirely. But to me, it is the shape of the car. Not so much cool cars but cool curves ... Sexist? Perhaps, but true none the less. I think I classic car is defined by it's architecture.

Look at any sports models over the years. What has defined them, made them stand out? Ok, the price is one thing, but take a step back and really think about what makes a hot car so cool?

There is something else that makes a car cool, at least as far as I am concerned. And that is the interior. Or to be more precise, what the interior is made of. My first car lives in my memory to this day, and surely that is the mark of a cool car. I can remember the smell of the leather seats and look of the wooden dash surround. Plastic just doesn't cut it, especially not in more mass produced models.

And it had curves!

So what else puts the cool into a car for you?

For me personally, low is cool. The closer I am to the ground, the better I feel. Some people like to have a high vantage point, and perhaps that is cool to them. It certainly helps to have a better view of the road from a practical point of view.

For many, the colour of a car defines its 'cool'. Red is often the colour to fuel associated with the hottest cars around (not surprisingly really). But what about black? There is something mystical about jet black automobiles, don't you think? To some, an unusual colour is the height of chic as far as a car is concerned. You might not like bright yellow or lime green, but your will always notice them, won't you. And to some folk, that is all that is required from a cool car.

About the author:
The article was written by Charlie Cory, who is the owner of Autos Inclusive, a website dedicated to providing news and information about automobiles.

You can visit his website about cool cars, on

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