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By: Marilyn Pokorney
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In addition to all the practical ways, such as not speeding,
keeping proper tire pressure and combining several trips
into one there are many more ways you can increase gas
mileage by simply taking good care of your vehicle.

Keep the engine well tuned and in good running order.

Make sure the spark plugs are in good shape.

Be sure the valves are adjusted properly.

Keep the carburetor clean. A dirty carburetor can cause a
car to use 5 to 9 percent more gas than a clean one.

Maintain a clean catalytic converter.

Keep air filters clean. Clogged air filters lower fuel
consumption as much as 10%.

Faulty oxygen sensors lower fuel consumption by as much as
40 percent.

Make sure the automatic choke is working properly.

Change the oil regularly as recommended by your cars manual.

Remove snow tires as soon as possible in the spring and
replace them with radial tires to gain a 4 percent gas

Remove roof and ski racks if not using them regularly. The
wind drag caused by these additions reduce fuel efficiency
by 5 percent.

Remove unnecessary items from the car and trunk. For every
100 pounds the car eats up 0.5 percent more gas.

For pickup owners remove the tailgate or put it down if not
using it. Or replace it with the net-type of gate or use a
bed cover. Tailgates cause a drag effect reducing gas
mileage by as much as 15 percent.

When driving in muddy conditions clean the car often. Mud
under the bumpers and wheel wells add on unnecessary weight.

And lastly, one popular myth today is to pour acetone, or
nail polish remover which is mostly acetone, into the gas
tank. In tests performed on the gas lines, the thickness of
the fuel line went from 3/8 to 1/32 in just 3 days. Acetone,
if spilled, will also eat the paint and finish on your

For more information on keeping your car clean visit:

About the author:
Author: Marilyn Pokorney
Freelance writer of science, nature, animals and the
Also loves crafts, gardening, and reading.

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